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This video was requested by a couple of people, it explains how to fix cd candys speakers for zak. Secrets of the cave find the paint invoice in the secret cave. Mysims agents, the fifth game in eas mysims catalog for wii, is also the best of the bunch. There is no construction and the cases in the story move you from beginning to end. In the wii version of mysims agents, the player is a member of the sim protection agency and must solve cases. Mysims agents is a single player simulationadventure game in which players take on the role of a special agent on a mission to uncover and foil the sinister plans of morcubus, the corrupt ceo of morcucorp. Youll see an estimated delivery date opens in a new window or tab based on the sellers dispatch time and delivery service. Mysims agents 3 is the third installation of the mysims agents series, and 10th game by zaingame productions. Place a big wheel next to the last red wheel towards the bottom. As part of their work in the sim protection agency, the player eventually unlocks a headquarters that they can decorate using furniture they find in the game. Combing the cavern examine the yellow control station near the submarine. Is the wii iso in the torrent working like it should or were there any problems burning it we would like to know. Check back for more mysims agents cheats to be posted. I tried to get the coordinates from the terminal, but the security system was too advanced.

Like other games in the series, mysims agents will allow you to create a character of your choosing, but rather than focusing on town building and repair, youll set off on a quest to defeat the evil morcubus, a powerhungry baddie determined to gain. A quick salvage job and repair later, it was up and running. Mysims agents cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide. E o quinto jogo da serie, onde voce e um agente secreto. Players will search for clues and solve cases across the city and far beyond as they piece together his nefarious plans. That should instantly make 3 small wheels and 2 bug wheels move. How do you fix yukis submarine in my sims agents answers. We also have questions and answers for this game on nintendo ds which may have more information for you.

Neo morcucorp isnt from any of the mysims games, but rather a user propaganda on both this wiki and mysims wiki neo morcucorp was started by morcubus after he had somehow escaped the realm of nightmares. If youve discovered a cheat youd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please. Gaming accessories and cheat devices for pokemon go, nintendo 3ds, nintendo ds, ps4, ps3, ps2, gamecube, wii and wii u. This walkthrough for mysims agents wii has been posted at 10 jul 2010 by robolien and is called faqwalkthrough. For the final wheel place it next to the 2 smaller wheels that are horizontal and closet to the. Welcome to our collection of mysims agents, cheats, cheat codes, wallpapers and more for ds.

Mysims agents is a fantastic mystery adventure for kids. Everything is extremely cute and you cant kill sims anymore. Contentsshow methods neo morcucorp would go to any length to take over the world. It is a game where you create your own person from their voice to their clothes, and then create your own town by picking who lives in it and remodeling. Up against a wall walk around to the drain and use the fenergy vent to move stones from the upper level to where you are so you can climb up and enter. Mysims agents 3 my sims fanon fandom powered by wikia. He only appears in the jungle setting in the big tree.

Mysims party kyra oscura runs a minigame called cantamos where you have to repeat the notes that kyra has sang. If you like playing mysims agents and keep getting stuck at case 17, this article will help you. In mysims agents players take on the role of a special agent on a mission to uncover and foil the sinister plans of morcubus, the corrupt ceo of morcucorp. Oct 04, 2009 an extra scene you can unlock if you complete all the dispatch missions in the game, and choose to save both evelyn and morcubus from the nightmare realm. Speedrunning leaderboards, resources, forums, and more. If walkthrough is usable dont forgot thumbs up robolien and share this with your freinds. Onward and upward climb back to the building under construction and go to the right. Now special agent sam needs to beat her to her prizebut first, a little robot repair. Mysims agents for wii also slated for ds goes where no mysims game has gone before. Violet is in a relationship with lord daniel of cutopia. When you complete the indicated objectives you will gain a new recruit for your hq.

Faqsguides are posted in their original, unaltered form. And most important we have 1 other walkthroughs for mysims agents, read them all. Power 2 speed 1 stamina 4 luck 2 mysims agents kyra oscura is a young lady who loves to sing and is also a simstube personality. Read on from step one below to beat this especially tricky case. How do i repair the submarine panel in mysims agents. Lets head back to hq and make sure were still on top of things. Violet nightshade is a goth who loves all things dark, spooky, and her flowers dead. To succeed, youll need to recruit other mysims characters and take advantage of their special skills. Sep 25, 2009 in mysims agents players take on the role of a special agent on a mission to uncover and foil the sinister plans of morcubus, the corrupt ceo of morcucorp. The versions are fairly dissimilar and have different plots and gameplay mechanics. When you click the checkmark you will be taken to your available agents and their chances of successfully completing the case. I have the ds version of my sims agents and i got stuck on an easy bit. Gluing the paper crane climb the ladder near patricks trailer and repair the control panel. Instead of managing the life of a wide variety of sims, you create a single character and take care of the whole town.

Mysims is a series that is known for its simplified gameplay style of the sims franchise that is supposed to appeal to the younger audience. The key to making dispatch missions go by faster, is to only send one sim instead of three on. Mysims agents extra ending scene complete all dispatch. By doing tasks for locals, improving the landscape, building homes and businesses and cheering up your visitors, there is no limit to what you can do to make your town profitable. In my sims agents walkthrough to repair dj candys speaker on the left. It is kinda fun once you have finished it as you can send your agents on dispatch missions still. The console version has you controlling a secret agent trying to thwart the diabolical doings of evil genius morcubus. For mysims agents on the wii, faqwalkthrough by drcooljamz1. Wii mysims kingdom or racing or party boxed choose. With nifty spy gadgets, overthetop characters to interrogate, and occasional slapstick humor, the game delivers gumshoe fun for all. You use the gears all on the left hand side, i cant remember what i did now.

If non of the above steps work then you can reset the folder removes all saves and all cc. Chillout games page for mysims agents wii game with games for sale and youtube gameplay videos. Also, you have new dispatch missions to check up on. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, faq, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for mysims agents for nintendo wii. Mysims agents takes the series in a direction that, while feeling slightly less like a mysims title than previous efforts, feels more like a game that anyone can enjoy, despite being aimed more specifically at the younger gamer. You must search for clues, solve devious puzzles and match wits with the mysterious thief in order to protect the treasure. Leaderboard guides discord streams resources forum statistics sub games. It has been leaked that there will be 33 clients with dispatch missions, and 99 dispatch missions. An extra scene you can unlock if you complete all the dispatch missions in the game, and choose to save both evelyn and morcubus from the nightmare realm. Then try to repair the game by right clicking the sims 4 in origin and selecting repair game. Let your imagination run wild as you create flower shops, restaurants, and creepy laboratories for that loony mad scientist. I also found a broken control station, which i repaired, and raised the sub. There are 70 characters appearing in mysims agents, many of which are.

How to beat case 17 on mysims agents with pictures wikihow. Generally considered to be the strongest entry in the franchise despite a few obviously cut corners agents was released in 2009 on both the wii and the ds. The developer has with the title created a more refined and linear experience that revolves around a. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for mysims agents for wii. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website more info. Mysims agents faqs, walkthroughs, and guides for wii gamefaqs. Agents cheats, codes, unlockables, hints, easter eggs, glitches, tips, tricks, hacks, downloads, hints, guides, faqs, walkthroughs, and more for wii wii. Vehicle parts salvage parts to repair the control panel. Mysims agents cheats and codes for nintendo ds cheat happens. Kids must use their wits to solve the mysteries and win the minigames that are educationally challenging. Armed with a set of increasingly sophisticated gadgets, players will.

Walkthrough faqwalkthrough walkthrough for mysims agents. Everyone in neo morcucorp assists morcubus in his plan to take over the world. How do you repair the submarine on my sims agents answers. Lulu 3 hi, the game is long depending on how long you play it at a time. First up, lets check on gonks dispatch mission i need a mission debriefing. What is the maximum number of inputs to a data selector having 3 control pins. Game profile of mysims agents wii first released 25th sep 2009, developed by ea redwood shores and published by electronic arts. Explore a whole new world with mysimsits your world to transform. Browse top posts starting with the letter t page 287. She cares deeply for her sister poppy, although she sometimes cant stand her perkiness and love for bright and cheerful flowers. Released for the nintendo wii in 2007 shortly followed by a pc version, mysims is a spinoff of the sims that takes a drastic departure from the usual series.

While you are downloading leave a comment about the wii torrent and the game. Explore the world explore your city and beyond, from a ski chalet on the top of an icy mountain to an ancient temple in the depths of the jungle. Visit our dedicated mysims agents message board to discuss this game with other members. Mysims agents for the best results, select a topic, platform andor key words select a topic codes and promotions game information manage my account missing content orders report a bug report concerns or harrassment technical support warranty. My sims agents left speaker in club how do i repair it. Armed with a set of increasingly sophisticated gadgets, players will track footprints, pick locks, hack into computers. Mysims agents is an actionadventure game for ds in which players take the roll of an agent assigned by the agency to help a mayor stop a notorious thief from stealing an ancient treasure. The whimsical mysims series surveils the spy genre with mysims agents for nintendos wii and ds platforms. Reddit has hundreds of thousands of interestbased communities. She later returns in mysims agents to offer a dispatch mission in which your agents must help her get her pigs through traffic to the movie theater. Activate the fenergy vent and move two crates to the left. Mysims, mysims racing, mysims agents makoto is a highly advanced, artificially intelligent robot created by dr. Cheat codes for mysims agents on nintendo ds codejunkies. You assign all of the agents on a floor as a team, so you can have a maximum of 4 cases in progress one for each team on each floor.

The interconnected mysteries help to keep your interest as you explore an expanding world, which takes you all the way to the top of a ski mountain and then down into a spooky mansion. My sims agents magellan is a recruitable lemur in mysims agents. It has also been leaked that there will be 10 locations, and 85 sims including clients and recruits in total. Mysims agents cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough. It seems that yuki may be looking for a sunken ship during her nocturnal submarine expeditions. Hi i just got mysims agents like 2 days ago and i love it. Instead, the game follows a simcity style, where you are responsible for building different structures and businesses.

Players are also able to hire sims they meet during gameplay as junior agents, who are able to solve. Yeah, it didnt even present us with a scrolling maze. Use the above links or scroll down see all to the wii cheats we have available for mysims. Parents need to know that mysims agents is a detective adventure where you become a special agent tasked with solving a series of entwined mysteries. Mysims agents cheats, unlockables, tips, and codes for wii.

Youll track footprints, pick locks, hack into computers, and. The game is bright, cheerful, and rather animesque. This is our page for questions and answers for mysims agents on wii. Although i may not be the best person to give such. I need a deepsea recovery team to salvage as much as possible. Official site help the sims 4 holiday celebration pack official site help the sims 3 roaring heights official site help the sims 3 into the future games news game library subscribe origin about accessibility help united states united kingdom australia france deutschland italia polska brasil espana ceska republika. Weve temporarily changed our support hours to limit any risk to our employees who are in a region with an elevated risk of coronavirus. I decided not to wear shades or glasses, and also changed to a sleeveless purple shirt with yellowoutlined orange moon and a few yellow stars, with green, brown, and yellow pants with brown shoes. Along the way they meet mysims they can recruit to build up their own team of agents, and unlock rare items they can use to deck out their headquarters. If something has a flat spot on it, then by golly we can jump on it. Mysims agents for the best results, select a topic, platform andor key words select a topic codes and promotions game information manage my account missing content orders report a bug report concerns or harassment technical support warranty.

Mysims agents faqs, guides and walkthroughs neoseeker. I could use some help cleaning the floors, fixing bookshelves, and quietly getting all the books in. Sam got a decent tan started, but buddy will probably be bright pink tomorrow. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. Freeola has over 100,000 cheat codes for 12,348 games. By doing this, the players will ride them and whomever reaches the finish line first wins. After she moves into your town, she resides in the mystery forest. But it is a lot of fun to play and it warrants a guide, so here we are. Mysims agents is the latest addition and in keeping with the mysims ideal, it has once again gone in a completely different direction to the previous games, while keeping some things consistant of. Next place a wheel right above the 2 small wheels that are already moving. Mysims agents firmly believes that it is a platformer first and foremost. Mysims agents faqwalkthrough wii by drcooljamz1 gamefaqs. All your sleuthing abilities are brought into play, from interrogation to forensics, from following footprints to fixing machines. You play as a character who moves into a vacation resort town and is tasked to lure in tourists.

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